Sachin Syal

Sachin Syal is a 17-year-old award-winning entrepreneur and podcaster from the Bay Area. He's a former e-commerce reseller, the world's first youngest finalist ever on Bloomberg TV's 2 Minute Drill Pitch Show, one of the world's first youngest TEDx Speakers, Eagle Scout (served as highest youth position: Senior Patrol Leader - led entire Troop for over a year), Host & Creator @ The O'ChakDe Show, Co-Founder & CEO @, and Founding Team Member/Tutor @ Sachin's revenue-generating podcast with many company sponsors, The O'ChakDe Show, has been viewed 160,000+ times internationally on the internet and his social media content has over a million views and thousands of active followers. Sachin's award-winning wellness/lifestyle coaching company, 3Doshas, has 350+ active users that have been inspired by 3Doshas ancient universal knowledge/concepts from Yoga & Ayurveda. 

Sachin is the recipient of the JA (Junior Achievement) Worldwide Impact Award ($1000 Cash Prize Winner) selected by big-time investors on Bloomberg TV.

Sachin has been featured on national television, has gone on air on the biggest South Asian radio station in the US, has been interviewed on-set with a pro documentary crew, regularly interviews notable and inspiring multi-millionaires and billionaires on his podcast, and gave a TEDx Talk at 13 years old. He lives and breathes advertising, personal branding, and networking.

Mark Suster - General Partner @ Upfront Ventures (Santa Monica, CA)

Bracken Darrell - Ex-CEO & President @ Logitech (Newark, CA)

Sachin Syal on 2 Minute Drill Pitch Competition TV Show 

National Television at the age of 15 - Bloomberg TV & Apple TV

Judges: Janice Bryant Howroyd, Rory Cutaia, Jayson Waller, David Meltzer (self-made multi-millionaires/billionaires)

At 14, Sachin Syal's work at an EdTech startup he helped create as a volunteer ( caught the eye of Sal Khan (Schoolhouse Founder & CEO) and media companies leading to a professional documentary

Vimeo awarded this documentary as a Vimeo Staff Pick (Director: Jeremy McNamara)

This is Sachin featured in that documentary created by Freethink x Stand Together

Sachin is now a learner, mentor, founding member/tutor, and the co-creator of the community engagement team at

Sachin Syal gave a TEDx Talk at the age of 13 (TEDxYouth@WarmSprings)

One of the world's first youngest TEDx speakers

Watched by thousands of people around the world

As Seen On

$500 Cash Prize International Finalist Winner

Sachin's entrepreneurial journey started when he was just in elementary/middle school selling candy, stickers, and toys to other kids at school

When he was a pre-teen he launched an eBay store and sold old things around his house that wasn't being used anymore and he made 5 figures by 13 years old

He got his first job at just 14 years old as a paid marketing intern at a tech company. This company recruited Sachin to join their team after seeing his experience and LinkedIn profile.

Now at 17, he makes hundreds of dollars per episode on his podcast from his sponsors - these companies hire Sachin to be a brand ambassador for their product/service. He has made thousands from his podcast and the numbers keep going up.

Sachin's slogan is "O'ChakDe!" O'ChakDe is a Punjabi word and means "Go For It!"

He's also a big believer in his quote, "It's all about the power of ask" (meaning asking for help from people you look up to is very crucial in entrepreneurship and podcasting)

"You are very inspiring to care deeply about making your own mark about being an entrepreneur are a learn it all" 

-Nirav Tolia: Shark Tank Judge & Founder & Former CEO of Nextdoor


Former Social Media/PR Intern at 3S Tech & Talent LLC (2021)

Former International Marketing Intern at (2020-2021) - Bangalore, India (remote job)

My Podcast Sponsors/Clients 

My Podcast Supporter

Equipment funded by Ex-Logitech CEO - Bracken Darrell

"You can imagine Sachin has learned so much life experience" - Sal Khan: Founder & CEO of Khan Academy, Co-Founder & CEO of, Time 100, "$1 Trillion Opportunity" Forbes Magazine Cover (I was talking to Sal once and he said he wanted to make me the poster boy for as I'm a founding member. I said "sure!" and we made it happen as a documentary was made about my work at schoolhouse.

"Nice to see is what you've done here to showcase how you're going to be a leader and how you are leading and taking charge of something and doing something and bringing people together" - Anthony Di Iorio: Co-Founder of Ethereum (and funder) + Early investor in Bitcoin

"You bring in a great set of a young inspired audience" - Naveen Jain: Billionaire Serial Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Viome, InfoSpace, Intelius, Moon Express

"I'm so happy to be on O'ChakDe, Sachin Syal's awesome show and I'm so glad I got a chance to be on this show, it is amazing, everybody should listen to it!" - Tim Draper: Billionaire VC Investor (Early Investor in Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter, Coinbase, Robinhood, and many more) & Founder of Draper Associates, DFJ, and Draper University

"You decided to dream and start a podcast...and you're doing it very well. I can tell you that there are many people that have 20 years of experience that aren't as good as you are" - Mauro Porcini: SVP & Chief Design Officer @ PepsiCo

"I'm really happy to be on the O'ChakDe podcast, and video too! Let's be remarkable!" - Guy Kawasaki: Former Chief Evangelist of Apple, Apple Fellow, Chief Evangelist of Canva, & Silicon Valley VC

"There's something special about you, I could tell from the moment you reached out to me" - Mark Suster: Managing Partner @ Upfront Ventures & 2x Entrepreneur (sold both companies, one to Salesforce) 

"You're amazing, I'm so impressed to be on your podcast and I'm proud to be part of it" - Bracken Darrell: Logitech CEO & President

"Very blessed to have and attract you into my life, because you're going places. I know when I see the real deal, and my friend, you are the real deal" - David Meltzer: Forbes Top 10 Speaker, Author, Sports Executive, Investor, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing, Former CEO of Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment Agency (inspiration for Oscar-winning movie Jerry Maguire)

"You're like Steph Curry in high school" - Evan Carmichael: YouTuber (3M+ Subscribers) 

"Sachin is definitely the youngest podcast host I’ve ever done a show with. He is also one of the best. Such an inspiring young leader" - Arne Duncan: Former United States Secretary of Education & Founder of Chicago CRED 

"We were excited for the first ever Eagle Scout project building on top of Schoolhouse. Our goal as an organization is to support learners and increase access to a world-class education. By serving the FUSD community with learner kits and materials, in addition to Schoolhouse tutoring, this project was an important step in that direction" (I raised $1000+ for my social impact project)

- Drew Bent: Co-Founder & COO of, Forbes 30 Under 30, Knight-Hennessy Scholar

"You've got a great future my friend, you really do, congratulations" - Rory Cutaia (2 Minute Drill TV Show Judge): Founder & CEO of Verb Technology Co. [NASDAQ: VERB]